Wednesday, September 29, 2010

SuMmEr FuN!

My kids have two loves in these pictures...Their BOOTS and THE GARDEN! Whenever I can not find K. he is out in the garden picking beans. Every morning he wakes up 7:30am, puts his boots on (sometimes he forgets) runs out the the garden, picks a hand full of beans, then runs up to my room and says "Mom, its time to wake up. I already picked the beans. Lets go cook them to eat"...I LOVE him SOOO much. He is obsessed with the garden!

My little Farmers

I LOVE these two! Moving here was the best move I could have done for my kids and I. They are so HAPPY here on the farm! Grandpa R. is so good to take K. out for the daily chores. If I would let him, he would stay out to the hog farm or on the tractor all day! L...well she likes it, but she would rather stay home with mom. You can tell by her face expressions in some of the pictures.

Bottling...Bottling...and more Bottling

This summer/fall has been full of A LOT of bottling. Here are a few pictures of the project...You name it, we have bottled it!

L., Uncle A. and cousin S.... We love our baby S.

Uncle A., Baby S., L. and Grandpa R.

I am really sick of bottling. I would love to say we are done, but that would a lie.