Friday, December 3, 2010

First Singing Performance

The kids are in a singing group and on Dec. 1st they had their first performance. It was a HOOT! I have TWO extremes. L. is a little "show" girl, she was not shy, in fact after she sang her solo she thought it was a good idea to run around the stage. Then the younger girls started to follow her! You can kinda see the story of pictures below. I was so embarrassed! Her teacher had to keep rounding her up and putting her back in line. K. on the other hand, had major stage fright! He did not even sing, he had his finger in his mouth the whole time. When his teacher came to him with the mic he ran off stage! WOW it was an eventful night!

I could not get one picture of both of them where one of their eyes were not closed.
Singing her solo.

Still standing in line.

Starting to play a little, but still in line.

Trying to get her teachers attention!

Realizing her teacher is busy.

There she goes!

After running around the stage, she thought this would be a good time to take a breathier.

K. was looking for his teacher. He did not want to be left alone!

When we got into the car after it was all done. K said "Mom I was scared because it was 'Dark and dusty' up there". Hmmm...I wonder where it got "Dark and dusty" from? Oh wait...Toy Story 3!