About us

I am J and I'm the mother of two beautiful children. K is the oldest, he is 3 and full of life. L is 2 and the princess of the house.We've started a new adventure that includes a new home, new town, new school...new life.

I plan on taking classes through SUU and am nervous to tackle this task as a single mom, but also VERY excited at the same time to go back to school. I'm also fulfilling my dream of not only continuing my education in music but starting my music business in this "new" town.

K. will be starting his second year in his new "special" preschool (he has a speech delay). He is so excited, but also disappointed because he will no longer need to ride the bus (considering the school is across the street). I may have to bribe the bus driver to pick him up once in a while. K. has and will always keep me on my toes. He is that boy running through the store and people are looking around for his parents. But, needless to say I love him to death and he has the biggest heart any little boy will ever have. K's chores have definitely changed! He is now Grandpa P's. right had man (or I should say, right hand burden) on the farm.

L...there is pretty much nothing to say about her, but the fact that she is perfect. But, since I can't leave it at that I will tell you that no matter where we go or what we do she is always by my side being an angel. She has to remind her older brother how to be a "good boy". She is my little singer and dancer. I have never met a child that can move the way she does. She is always on beat or on key. The one thing I am nervous about in our new town is she already has a crush. But her heart will soon be broken when she realizes it's not okay to date your Uncle, plus he is fifteen years older.

Not only are they surrounded by love in this new town, they are fortunate to have an amazing father who continues to create fun and lasting memories with them.

 We started this new blog to keep K and L's relatives posted on their life...Hope you enjoy!