Saturday, July 9, 2011

L's 3rd BiRtHdAy!

L. could NOT wait for me to get off work so we could celebrate her princess birthday. My mom was cooking dinner and L was so excited so she started pulling out the plastic plates and forks (the plastic plates, cups ect. were they only things she could reach.) and started setting the table by herself. She wanted to get the party started! But the poor girl had to wait a few more hours for me to get home...I love her!

K's 4th BiRtHdAy!

This was my favorite picture...Cousin J and K eating the icing off the toys
Since we moved to this town, all K wanted was a tractor party! Oh boy, did he get one!
My Aunt J was very smart and brought L a little gift as well...L LOVES to dress up!

K. had a BLAST at his birthday party...he got what he wanted and couldn't have been happier.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Best place on Earth...


Christmas Morning!

This Christmas was so MAGICAL! The kids LOVED it! L. was so sick with the flu, but she was a trooper. The kids got EVERYTHING they wanted and more! K. asked Santa for a truck, a train, a helicopter and a tractor. L. asked for a Barbie and a Yo-Yo.

***sNoW FuN!***

K. And L. LOVE to eat snow!
K.'s first snowman he built by himself!

L.'s first snowman that she made by herself! She named it BABY snowman.

Decorating the Christmas Tree

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Christmas Eve...

Our Christmas Eve tradition of opening our PJ's.

K. was a HOOT Christmas Eve. He was on the couch telling everyone that they ALL made the naughty list and that he was the only one on the good list. And it is NOT the "North Pole" it is the "NEXT Pole"! We were all dying of laughter! He had so much energy, he was running around the house singing Christmas songs. I had to send his Uncle B in his room to make sure he was asleep and Uncle B. came out laughing saying "Good Luck! That boy is not going to bed, he told me he was waiting for Santa's sleigh."

L. was SO sick, she had the flu. She was out like a light! I felt so bad for her! She was a trooper!

Special Visit from SANTA!

The kids had a VERY SPECIAL visit from Santa! The doorbell rang one night and I just happened to ask K. to go look out the window to see who it was. When he walked into the entry he could see Santa's clothes through the glass, He yelled out "It's SANTA!" They were both so shocked that Santa came to check on them to make sure they were both being good kids. It made their week! It was so magical to them! THANK YOU SANTA!

Gingerbread House

K. trying to read the "map" to find out what to do next (notice, it is upside down).
L...well....She did what she does best... eat!

They were so happy they finished with what candy was left! (I did not help decorate, they did it all on their was so cute!)